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BREAKING: Assad Didn’t Order Chemical Attacks–World Wakes Up To SHOCKING News

The world is waking up this morning to the shocking news that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad wasn’t responsible for the sarin gas attacks that killed dozens of innocent people. Assad, as proven by Infowars and corroborated by The New York Daily News, was undergoing surgery to have his appendix removed at the time of the strike.

US intelligence officials are confirming that the Syrian Defense Ministry was hacked 15 minutes before the strike and that the source of that hack came from the Tracy Avenue area of the Washington DC suburbs. That places the source of the sarin gas attacks within a block of the new permanent residence of Barack Obama and the headquarters of the Deep State shadow government.

The motive for Obama to order such a heinous crime is simple: to get Trump to retaliate and instigate a war with Russia in order to garner support in the public eye and in congress for a coup to remove our president. Fortunately, Trump and his associates have a decent enough relationship with Russia that a war has been averted and the international community can begin seeking justice against the man responsible.

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Obama has denied all of the allegations.

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