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One Of America’s Favorite Restaurant Chains Just Trashed Our Military Vets – Boycott Them Now!

Dave and Buster’s arcade and eatery situated in Kentwood, Michigan chose to conflict with two of our veterans.

Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown of the American Legion Riders Post 179 of Grandville, MI went by the eatery.

In any case, they were asked to either leave the eatery or evacuate the vests.

The eatery administration trusted that the patches that were sewed on the vests delineated the banner of America, a bald eagle and the Prisoner of War Flag. The authorities from the eatery guaranteed that their patches were identified with groups in light of the images.

Military.com revealed that the central command of Dave and Buster’s which is situated in Texas discharged an announcement that read: “The gathering was requested to expel the coats or turn them back to front on the grounds that the business’ clothing standard restricts proof of posse alliance. Representative April Spearman said the approach was set up ‘to guarantee that everybody can have a good time in a fun and safe condition.’”

Be that as it may, Dave and Buster aren’t likely mindful of the history. The America Legion is thought to be the most established veteran gathering in America. It is the inverse of a pack. Additionally, the images, the American Flag, the Prisoner of War Flag and the bald eagle are not identified with a pack at all.

As per Conservative Fighters, “since its sanction and fuse by Congress in 1919 after World War I, the American Legion has filled in as an enthusiastic veterans association committed to common support.”

For their remarks, Dave and Buster’s will presumably be assaulted everywhere throughout the web-based social networking. Quite possibly eatery gets boycotted. They merit it for their ill bred conduct towards America and its veterans.

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