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Y’All Wanna See What DONALD TRUMP’S Wife Melania Looked Like . . . BEFORE She Got That MASSIVE PLASTIC SURGERY!

Donald Trump’s wife Melania is a beautiful woman – both before and after getting her face enhanced through surgery.

But what strikes us – is how much DIFFERENT she looks now – as compared to before. Check out the pic:

Now in her mid-forties, Melania Trump should be experiencing the effects of aging. Saggy skin, saggy boobs, and saggy cheeks are working hard to reflect her age. However, due to her recent appearance that seems to defy all such effects of aging, plastic surgery rumors went crazy online. In order to determine if Melania Trump actually underwent plastic surgery, one needs to take a look at her before and after photos closely. However, sometimes photos can be altered and changed. As such, in most of the posts, we try to include recent and old videos of the celebrity to have a fair comparison.

You can watch Melania Trump in all her beauty below in an interview:

Compare that to another interview in 2011 and you realize that Melania Trump has hardly aged:

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Even though she’s the First Lady, Melania is not living full-time in the White House. She’s returned to NYC with her son Barron so he can finish classes at his current school.

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