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BREAKING: SWAT Team Surrounds Democrat Senator’s Plane, Arrest Everyone On Board

Senator Sherman Wallace (D-VT) was in his private charter plane on the tarmac at Sanders Field in Burlington this afternoon when SWAT surrounded the craft and halted it. Tower operator Chuck Limington told our reporter:

“Nobody had any idea they were coming. They just…appeared. They stopped the plane, boarded it through an emergency exit on the wing and arrested all 11 occupants, including the Senator. No idea why.”

So far it’s been pretty hush-hush as to why the plane was grounded or why the passengers and crew were all arrested. The FBI and Homeland Security Tented the plane on the tarmac and are currently in the process of tearing it apart for evidence.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the Senior Senator from Vermont, said he has no idea why his longtime friend and campaign companion was apprehended:

“It’s all a big mystery. It’s like a night at the DNC. Nobody knows what’s going on and the information is only leaked to certain people. When I know I’ll tell everyone. Maybe I’ll Trump it out on Twitter.”

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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Senator Sherman is being charged with running an illegal gambling, drug and prostitution establishment aboard his 737. We’ll update again when we know more.


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