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(WATCH NOW) TRUMP GIRL will make you LAUGH, CRY and JUMP for JOY! ! Mom was for Cruz… NOT ANYMORE. This may be our future President talking here!

Live from CPAC, it’s TRUMP GIRL! I dare you to watch this only once.

This young lady is incredible. She is the epitome of the Trump Movement.  And…. Her parents did her not drum this stuff into her head.  She actually persuaded THEM to vote for Trump.  Can you tell we love Trump Girl?  That would be an understatement!

Watch Jennifer Lawrence with the America First Project interview 11-year-old Millie from Virginia, aka TRUMP GIRL, at CPAC.  This is the best video we’ve seen yet!

I’m gonna graduate from Penn State University, be in the army for five years, be a police officer, become a homicide detective then be a private investigator, all while having a hobby as an Egyptologist and an astronomer.  Then I’m going to retire and  become a judge and then, if the country really needs me to be out running for president, yes!


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Millie aka Trump Girl (our Hero)


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