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Two HUGE Hollywood Stars Just Lost $25 Million Each Because They’re Stupid Liberals

In Hollywood, a person’s value is measured by how much money they’re paid to do a movie. Anyone earning more than $10 million is considered A-list, and those over $20 million are considered “elite.”

Two of those “elites” just found out what it’s like to be on the losing side for once. Ultra-liberals Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks, both of whom are well-known Clinton supporters, just had a major movie deal canceled by 20th Century Fox. The movie, a remake of the 1980s hit When Harry Met Sally, was scheduled to begin production on the 1st of May.

Fox spokesman James Fernwillow said the movie’s executive producer spent a day with the cast for a meet and greet and was disgusted by how disrespectful and downright hateful Rogan and Banks were towards President Trump. Fernwillow said in a statement:

20th century Fox is saddened that the talents of Rogan and Banks won’t be welcome on the set. The screenplay was re-written specifically with a modern flair and their personalities in mind. Re-casting them wasn’t easy, but we think we’ve found the perfect combination to make the movie fun as well as nostalgic.

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Rogan will be replaced by Scott Baio and Banks by Stacey Dash, assuring a more wholesome, conservative cast. The cost of the film will also be cut by nearly $45 million. Looks like Trump is having a positive effect on Hollywood after all.

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  1. That really is a shame because most of Hollywood is now being boycotted by we, the people. We have 25 million people in our group so that is quite a sizable number of people boycotting.

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